• Brockley Better Streets

  • Safer streets

  • Priority for people.

Our Objectives

London's streets and neighbourhoods are changing fast. Our city is promoting healthy streets & neighbourhoods and the Mayor of London's target is 80% of journeys in London will be either pedestrian, cycling or public transport. We are local residents and businesses who we would like to help shape these developments in our neighbourhood. We are finding out what people's priorities are and what possible solutions could look like for Brockley.

Please find a copy of the TFL and Mayor of London framework document here.

The Brockley Society supports the Brockley Better Streets initiative to help create positive change for the benefit of all residents and visitors to Brockley:

Increase road safety for everybody inside and around the Brockley Conservation Area.

Give priority to cyclists, pedestrians and public transport.

Reduce pollution from traffic going through the area.

Emphasize the residential nature of Brockley and prevent the use of our streets as rat-runs by non-local traffic.

Recent poll results (% of respondents in Brockley who are concerned about):

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  • Clean air
  • Rat running
  • Speeding
  • Volume of traffic

So many

reasons to
change something

Brockley is a beautiful place to live. But currently too much space is given to non-residential traffic and our streets are being used as rat-runs by too many vehicles such as vans, lorries, minicabs and even coaches and HGVs. Most of this traffic is not local and our residential streets become shortcuts which results in a wide range of negative consequences for air quality, road safety and noise. Currently too much priority is given to motorised vehicles and far too little to pedestrians, children and cyclists. We would like to change this.

Vehicles per hour
8-9am on an average weekday
weekdays 8-9am
Commercial vehicles
weekdays 8-9am

Too many accidents and
near-misses in recent years


  • Upper Brockley Road

    cars on pavements

  • Harefield Road

    too much traffic

  • Tressillian Road

    traffic chaos

  • Wickham Road

    Parked overnight coaches

  • Geoffrey Road

    well-known rat-run

  • Crescent Way / Harefield Road


  • Not enough space to pass


  • Another example


  • Wickham Road / Harefield Road


  • Harfield Road / Wickham Road

    difficult to navigate

  • Harefield Road

    dangerous corners

  • Harefield Road

    not enough space


More space for pedestrians & cyclists

Priority should be given to pedestrians to make it safe & easy to walk and cycle around Brockley and enjoy our streets and public spaces.

Priority for residents & public transport

Our residential streets should not be used as 'rat-runs' by traffic going through the area. This creates a lot of the problems such as speeding, aggressive driving behaviour and pollution.

Better street design

There are simple and cost effective ways of improving our streets and reducing traffic, such as wider pavements, cycle lanes, one-way systems, traffic islands, zebra crossings, street landscaping, etc.

Better Streets

  • Wider pavements
  • Cycle space
  • Priority for residents
  • Road layout
  • Landscaping
  • Road furniture
  • Additional crossings
  • Access to Hilly Fields Park
  • Traffic filtering

Contact us

Email us at brockleystreets@gmail.com